Quiz Time #44

Posted by Elizabeth Napp on 10/13/2010 2:00:00 PM

Marc Chagall

Quiz Time #44

Word Bank: Civilization, Joseph Stalin, Rwanda, Archaeologist, China, Imperialism, Roman, Parliamentary Democracy, Martin Luther, Climatic, Karl Marx, Renaissance


1.     This social scientist might analyze the design of a Shang bronze pot, decipher the writing on the Rosetta Stone, or examine the fabric of a Japanese kimono.   


2.     Cities, complex government, job specialization, and a writing system are characteristics of it. 


3.     Weak centralized authority and interference from outsiders characterized Europe after the fall of this Empire and China after the fall of the Manchu dynasty.


4.     Location near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea was a geographic factor that contributed to the rise of it in the Italian city-states.


5.     His action of posting the Ninety-five Theses led most directly to divisions in Christianity in Western Europe.


6.     The Puritan Revolution and the Glorious Revolution are both closely associated with the rise of it in England.


7.     He believed that history is the story of class struggle.  He believed that the working class would eventually rise up and revolt against the wealthy.


8.     Five-year plans and collectivization are most closely associated with this individual.


9.     A major goal of the Hutu-led regime in this nation in mid-1994 was to eliminate the Tutsi minority.


10.  The “one-child” policy in this nation, established during the late 1970s, was an attempt to reduce the population growth rate.


11.  The invasions of Russia by France in 1812 and by Germany in World War II were unsuccessful in part because of these conditions in Russia.


12.  This policy is most directly associated with the terms spheres of influence, extraterritoriality, and protectorate.