Quiz Time #43

Posted by Elizabeth Napp on 10/13/2010 2:00:00 PM

Wassily Kandinsky

Quiz Time #43

Word Bank: Gupta, Mountains, Middle Passage, Japan, Justinian, Scientific, Monsoons, Mercantilism, Grand Canal, Literature, Mongol, Economist


1.     This term can be defined as seasonal winds.   


2.     This social scientist focuses on the study of the production and exchange of goods and services. 


3.     This geographic feature served as a barrier that protected ancient China and was used as an invasion route by the Aryans into ancient India.


4.     One way in which The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, and The Mahabharata are similar is that they are works of this type that give historians information about early civilizations.


5.     The contributions of this empire include the following achievements: Preserved Hindu tradition, Produced fine poems and dramas, and Made advances in mathematics, science, and medicine.


6.     The leadership of Genghis Khan, the use of the stirrup, and excellent horsemanship skills all contributed directly to the rise of this empire.


7.     This “system” in China allowed grain to be shipped from Hangzhou to Beijing.


8.     This term is best defined as the forced journey of enslaved Africans to the Americas.


9.     The ideas of observation and experimentation were central to this “Revolution”.


10.  This nation’s policy of expansion in the early 20th century was motivated by a lack of natural resources.


11.  This historic figure would be correctly paired with the Byzantine Empire.


12.  A key objective of this policy was to establish colonies for trade benefits.