Quiz Time #42

Posted by Elizabeth Napp on 5/26/2010 8:00:00 PM

Max Ernst

Quiz Time #42

Word Bank: Meiji Restoration, Limited Monarchy, Totalitarian, Mathematics, European Union, Animism, European Imperialism, Stability, Ho Chi Minh, Cultural Diffusion, Fertile Soil, Green Revolution


1.     A belief of it is that spirits of nature inhabit all living and nonliving objects.   


2.     This term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia. 


3.     This factor influenced the development of ancient civilizations along river valleys.


4.     The contributions of the Islamic golden age include advances in this field.


5.     “…suspending laws…, by regal (royal) authority without consent of parliament is illegal." ~English Bill of Rights, 1869                                                                                 The The quotation supports this form of government.


6.     The French people supported Napoleon Bonaparte because they hoped he would provide this for the nation.


7.     Rapid industrialization and economic growth occurred.  This statement best describes events in Japan during this historical period.


8.     During the 19th century, one effect of it on Africa was the exploitation of African natural resources by colonial powers.


9.     In the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin governed by means of secret police, censorship, and purges.  This type of government is called this.


10.  The principal aim of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and this organization is to increase economic cooperation between the member nations.


11.  One way in which Simon Bolivar, Jomo Kenyatta, and this individual are similar is that each leader sought independence from colonial rule.


12.  The main goal of it was to solve chronic food shortages through the use of technology.