Summer Reading

Hot Summer Reading

Looking to improve your vocabulary or reading comprehension for the fall standardized tests? Need something to do while you're lying on the beach? Want to read something that you don't have to write a report about? If you've read everything by your favorite author (there's still time before the next Harry Potter comes out!), check out these online book lists for recommendations.

Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) has several lists of books, including one for college-bound students. Also check out the Alex Awards books, which are books for adults that also appeal to teenagers. The main site is at

Books for the College Bound. Tempe Library in Tempe, AZ, has posted this lengthy list of recommended books at

A List of Lists. Sehome High School in Bellingham, WA, offers this list of online reading lists: Scroll down a little bit to find sites where you can read whole books online.

Up for a Challenge? For the classically minded student who wants a real challenge, check out the book list for St. John's College. The entire curriculum of this unique college consists of many of the "great books," studied in chronological order. Take a look at some of the most influential books in history at

Written by Jennifer Gross.