Comparing Europes 600-1450

Posted by Paul Davis on 11/9/2017

OK here we go:

I. From 600-1450 Eastern Europe and Western Europe were divided over religous ideology and leadership because of the Great Schism of 1054, trade prospered greatly in the Eastern Byzantine on the long distance trade of the silk routes, Black sea and mediterranean while Western Europe would migrate to rural manorialism gaining self-sufficiency on themanor and limiting trade. One characteristic that they both shared was dedication and devotion to their Christian faith despite other demoninations were quite often excluded.

II. The Easter Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church disagreed over the use of icons ( iconoclastic controversy), language of the church ( Greek or Latin), role of clery ( priests marry or not) and role of church and state ( Ceasaropapism vs Papal infallability). The disagreeents would lead to the Pope in the West and the Patriarchy of the East excommunicating each other creating lasting divisions which could not even be solved with an attempt at unity through the crusades (4th created greater divisions)

III. Regional feudal islotion became a practice in Western Europe due to constant invasions by Moors, Magyars and Vikings while trade would extend throught the Western terminus f the silk route ( Constantinople) even extending Black Sea trade to Russian Principalities. The slef sufficiency of the manor and teh reciprocal relationships facilitated success which would work for Western Eurpean kingdoms for centuries whil the Byzant would be the dominant gold coin utilized in the East for similar centuries.

IV. Christianity would lead to a reversal of fortune for both regeion as the tremendous faith in Christianity and the want for salvation in the afterlife would briefly unite these regions against the common enemy ( Seljuk Turks) to free the holy land of Jerusalem so that Christian pilgrims could visit the land of Christ. Daily life was consumed with prayer, religious piety and the desire to follow their Christian faith so many were religiously inspired to fight in the name of God and the cross (Crusades) to gain entrance into the kingdom of Heaven.

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