Day 16 paternity leave and post quarterly feedback

Posted by Paul Davis on 10/25/2017

Hey WHAP'ers, 

            Well, I came in for lunch and read and reviewed per 2 and 3 and their quarterlies. I am pleased to say that most were well written, may utilized the A.C.E formula and the time seemed to be utilized quite well. As usual, there are some areas in need of improvement and we will work on that moving forward. Some of you were vague with the examples you provided with some just being anaccurate. Many seemed to be rushed for time and will need to work on time management as the WHAP exam will have you do 3 of these in 40 minutes for 20% of your test. The usual periodization, theme, continuities and changes and similarities and differences. Perhaps I should mark A.C and E on the paper to organize your arguments nad illustrate how many sentences minimum you need ( there should have been 24 sentences minimum in today's quarterly) or perhaps a formula like A.One way in which ( reword to answer the question) in _______________________ C. One example of ( reword to answer the question ) is ( detailed evidence which answers the question). E. The reasons why it ( answers the questions ) is becaues( detailed explanation as to why it supports the question). Remmeber if it asks for one, there are three snetences and if it asks for two there are six sentences. The last area of concern is teh analytical point where many lost points. Often on a daily quiz a student will start the analytical portion with "this shows that..." which does not really satisy the answer. One might start with " the reasons these examples illustrate their similarities is because they both( fill in a descriptive explanation why)". Clearly, analysis is a point we will all need to strengthen as it is pretty much school-wide. Just some feedback moving forward. zdon't forget to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohand here's another thesis for tomorrow

I From 600 B.C.E-600 C.E in Latin America and East Asia, the Maya civilization would have decentralized political city-states where the Chin and Han Dynasties would be centralized, state sponsorship of polytheistx relighe Maya would differ vastly from the state sponsored Confucianism of the Han Dynasty, however, the Maya and Han would both engage in massive building projects utilizing both forced and ocal labor.

II. The apital of Changan ) eternal Peace) would be the centralized location of regionAL BUREAUCRATIC ADMINISTRATION OF THE HAN DYNASTYwhile the densley covered jungle would have competitive city-states like Tikal and Chichen Itza in the Maya. Through the legalist centralization of the Chin and the meritocratic control over the Han, China's mandatre of Heaven would force one centralized dynastic rule while the Mya's mother culture of the Olmecs would start a pattern that would continue due to the thick rainforests of the Yucatan peninsula

III. The Maya's belief in Gods like Tlaloc the rain God and Quetzacoatly the feather serpent God helped to explain the world through creation myths like popl vuh while the philosophies of Confucianism, Taoism and Legalism served as a world view absent Gods to explaiin morality and virtue. The volatility of weather patterns of the maya insisted on religious explanation while the philosophical view of mankind with nature and each other served the governments of the Qin and Han.

IV. The belief systems of the respective societies would erect massive temples like the Mayan Temple of Chichen Itza and the Fortification of the Great Wall in China. These building projects commanded massive forced labor and illsutrated the role of government and engineering to build these massive edifices to unite the masses under protection and/or praise.