Parent Portal Info


Parent Portal:

· Absences and unprepareds result in a student being unable to participate in class activities and  meet the daily objectives for the lesson;

therefore, a student’s grade is severely impacted.  However, students have many opportunities to make up all missed classes, resulting in

the grade being restored.

- Lateness - Every 3 latenesses/ tardies to class will require the equivilent of 1 class makeup to earn point back.  In the event a late student has missed 1/2 of the period or more, they will need to make up the class to earn full point for that day.

· The missed classes and subsequent make-ups will be reflected in the 80 %  formative assessment portion of a student’s grade. If you check

the parent portal regularly, it will not be uncommon to see your child’s grade fluctuate.  Grades will be updated every 10 school days and

it will be at this time that you can see if your child has lost points due to not meeting the daily objective(s) or made up his/her class(es) and

earned their points back.

· A failing grade will be given to any student that has five or more missed classes, (any combination of absences and/or unprepareds) and no

make-ups recorded.

· If you have any questions regarding your child’s grade, please contact his/her teacher immediately.