Types of Criminal Courts

Posted by Arlene Garcia on 10/31/2017

Use the following links to answer the questions. Make sure to type your name or sign in when answering the questions in the comment box. You can also complete this in Word and copy and paste when done.


A. Types of Criminal Cases and Possible Punishments

1. What are the three types of criminal cases and what are possible punishments for each? 

2. What crime happens the most according to the Crime Clock?

3. What is the difference between burglary and larceny (use google)?


B. Sentencing Basics

 1. How is sentencing determined?

 2. Explain the role of plea bargaining. Approximately, how many cases result in plea bargain out of 100%?


C. Common Sentences

1. What are some common sentences?

2. What goals of punishment are met with imprisonment, fine, probation and conditional discharge?


D. Jury Trials

 1. Describe the steps in a criminal trial.

 2. Who has the right to a jury trial?

 3. Describe how jurors are selected.