Gallup Polls

Posted by Arlene Garcia on 11/14/2017

According to the polls, Americans cite the economy, election, and the criminal justice system, amongst other issues, as important.


Open another tab and go to Gallup or Harris Poll

  1. Locate the published results of an opinion poll by Gallup or Harris on a topic that is of interest to you. You may want to use polls that focused on the presidential election, social or economic issues, the war on terrorism, education or sports.
  2. Assess the results in terms of the demographic distributions, if any, that are reflected in the results.
  3. See if males differed from females, whites from non-whites, and so on. If the results are compared with the findings of an earlier poll, see if public opinion on the topic is changing.
  4. Briefly describe what you found and what its implications are for policymaking (making policies). 
  5. Write at least one paragraph (a paragraph is at least 5 sentences) in the box. Sign in on the webpage so that it records your name. If you do not sign in, you need to type your name. Responses with no name will not receive credit. Period. 

See where you stand on political issues.