Should there be a cap (max) on punitive damages?

Posted by Arlene Garcia on 2/28/2018

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A woman is suing New York City for damage

      In 2008, her two children were taken out of her custody and put into foster care.

The City Said:                   

 She was mentally unstable – she had hallucinations & delusions – and refused medicine.

                                                She left her children home alone for long periods of time.

She Said:                             These allegations are false.

                                                The city has caused my children and me emotional trauma.

The Lawsuit:                     She is now suing the city of New York for punitive damages.


1.        What are punitive damages?


2.       What is the purpose of punitive damages?


3.   If the city is found liable, how much do you think she deserves in punitive damages?  Should there be a cap (maximum amount one can sue for) on punitive damages?


Woman suing NYC