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Tips for Home Wifi Access

Tips for getting better WiFi connection at home: 

  • Move iPad closer to WiFi router – if you can see the Wifi router in your line of vision you can ensure that the signal isn’t struggling around doors or walls to reach the iPad.
  • The WiFi signal can weaken around electronic items (i.e. microwaves), and masonry stone ( i.e. fire places) so students should move further away from those areas.
  • Try to forget the WiFi network and re-join entering your home password, if needed.  This can refresh the WiFi access and sometimes resolve many issues.
  • Close any apps or windows (on the iPad)  that  are not currently being used to ensure that unused apps are not affecting WiFi access.
  • Zoom meetings use quite a bit of bandwidth to supply audio & video, so if you are having a great deal of difficulty maintaining connection on Zoom meetings, try joining with audio only and use video intermittently. If available, use network cable connected (hardwired) computer for Zoom meetings.
  • Consider other items that may be using the WiFi network during school hours, televisions or video game consoles.  Turn off all unnecessary items.
  • Consider purchasing a WiFi booster or WiFi extender, some are as low as $20 and plug into a regular household outlet.
  • Ask cable company or Internet Service Provider to check speed and gigabits of  WiFi routers.

If you are in need of access to WiFi, you can apply for access to an Altice Wifi account.  Select the link below to complete the request form.