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The Science Research Program at WPHS is a 3-year Honors Science Elective that supports students as they pursue their own independent research project.  Students read Science Journal articles on their topic and communicate with experts in their field of interest.  Students obtain summer research internships at local universities or work with professionals from afar.  Much of the research project is conducted during the summer months, though completion of the project will vary based on the students' schedules and research designs.  By senior year, Science Research students are expected to have a completed research project including data, data analysis, and conclusions.  The student project is presented as a PowerPoint presentation, Poster presentation and Senior research paper.  There is a strong emphasis on autonomy and presentation skills, and students are expected to compete in several science fairs during their three years in the program.  Juniors and Seniors have the option to earn up to 12 college credits through the SUNY Albany University in the High School (UHS) Program.  Applications are now open for freshmen who are interested in enrolling.  Interested students should watch the video below and complete the form.  Please contact the Science Research Teacher, Kimberly Fleming,, for more information.


Link to 12-minute recruitment video (for freshmen):
Link to Part 1 of the application (for freshmen):


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Kimberly Fleming

Science Research Teacher

White Plains High School

550 North Street

White Plains, NY  10605

(914) 422-2305

Classroom G114