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ROAR 2020


Michael Chiariello and Miranda DeMella are so proud to announce the arrival of the 2020 edition of the White Plains High School literature and art magazine ... the ROAR!
We are so impressed by the talent and creative vision of our club members and of our entire student body, whose amazing contributions and hard work made this beautiful publication possible - despite the many unexpected challenges they faced during these unprecedented times.
Our club would like to send special thanks to Ms. Natasha Freeman Mack and Ms. Annette Adamiak for all of their help and support in creating this beautiful publication.
We would also like to congratulate Nat Fields, class of 2021, for his powerful cover art.
Unfortunately, our current reality precludes our traditional tea celebration at this time. We are hopeful that in the fall, we can all gather together to recognize the collective talent of our diverse student body and to unveil and distribute the Roar (senior contributors will get their copies at the celebratory graduation parade).
In the meantime, here is a taste of what our students have achieved: