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RW Dr. Seuss Day!

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday is almost here, oh dear! We have fun things to do, during this week of Seuss cheer!
(Do as much as you can or none at all.
Whatever you do, we’re sure to have a ball!)

  • Thing Tuesday: March 1st “The Cat in the Hat” Thing One and Thing Two, those things are no good. They’re trouble, I say! But let’s join in the fun and dress like them today! You dress in all red and then we can add the rest, so let’s have some fun, and not make a mess! 
  • Wacky Wednesday: March 2nd “Wacky Wednesday” The middle of the week seems quite bleak, so my friends we’ll give it a tweak! Wear mismatched clothes on this super Wacky Wednesday! 
  • Silly Socks Thursday: March 3rd “Fox in Socks” It’s almost the end of the week I say, so it’s a great time to wear silly socks today! 
  • Red and White Friday: March 4th “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back!” We will be celebrating this day by having visitors galore, and if you’d like to dress in red and white, then it definitely would be so much more!