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Protocols for remote learning


  • Dress appropriately in school attire for remote learning. 

  • Give yourself a quiet space with little or no background noise (no music) 

  • Only students must participate in the class. Parents and other family members should not participate in the class. 

  • Respect your teacher’s and fellow students’ privacy by not recording or taking screenshots. 

  • Please sit up straight and try to minimize distractions.  

  • Get ready to learn! 

  • Charge your iPad and have a charger available in case of continuous use of the technology. 

  • Use your full name  to log in to Schoology and Zoom to let the teacher know who you are.   

  • Be visible to the teacher at the beginning of each class to attend. Please turn on the camera! 

  • If you are unable to connect due to technological issues, your parent or guardian should contact the school to explain the reason for your absence from class.