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Pictures from the Rochambeau Senior Celebration - Click Here for More Info

Rochambeau Senior Celebration Pictures


Cindy L.


Mr. Chetcuti with Mauricio R.

A. Craft with her family


A. Craft


Mrs. Trovato-Cantori with A. Craft

J. Borda and parent


Mr. Giambalvo, Mr.Agudelo, Mr. Chanza, and C. Chanza, Jr.

C.Chanza, Jr.

Mr. Giambalvo, Mr. Agudelo, E.Arroyo, Jr. and family member.


B. Rosado and family

A. Melchor

Mr. Giambalvo, Mr.Agudelo, and F. Celestino


B. Arpi and family

J.Cabrera and C. Cabrera

Mr. Chetcuti, Mr. Czuprynski, J. Cabrera and C. Cabrera.

T. Godfrey

Mr.&Mrs.Agudelo, Jenifer Cambeiro, Lorraine Trovato-Cantori

Caridad Guerrero, E. Diaz, Eliseo Lugo III, and Paul Czuprynski


Caridad Guerrero, E. Diaz, Eliseo Lugo III, Paul Czuprynski, Lisa Vushaj, Stacey Hebert, Susan Murphy, and Angie Garcia


J. Perez


J. Perez and Family along with Paul Czuprynski and Coach Mac


A. Paucar and Family


H. Vera, Jr. and family

B. Gist and family

Rochambeau Staff with B. Gist

Sonia Gordon and D. Young

Coach Mac, Tim Giambalvo, D. Young, Lisa Vushaj, and Sandra Serrano

L. Holliday and Coach Mac


A. Mckinley

A. Mckinley and family member.