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Water Testing/Análisis del Agua


Dear Staff Members and Parents:


As you may be aware, the State recently passed legislation mandating that school districts “test all potable water outlets for lead contamination and take responsive actions.”  As required, we completed testing of all faucets in all of our elementary schools before the end of September.  (Secondary school testing will be done in October, as specified.)  The district used the services of Louis Berger, a large, globally-recognized firm, as consultants in this process.  

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Elementary Schools
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Middle Schools
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High School
Letters to Parents & Staff - English & Spanish 

This information is being posted as promised in our September 30 letter to staff and parents.  The water test results for our schools identified lead concentrations that will need to be remediated in the locations noted on the reports below:

Middle School: MS Exceedance Report
High School (Bldg. A, B & C): WPHS Exceedance Report
High School (Bldg. D, E, G & Pool): WPHS Exceedance Report
Education House & HS Field House: Field and Ed House Exceedance Report
The source of contamination is in the faucets themselves, not the water.  Identified faucets have been clearly marked and shut off.  They will not be put back in use until the necessary remedial measures have been taken and the water no longer tests positive.  We expect remedial measures and retesting will be completed within the next two months.
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For School Buildings and Grounds Personnel
Lead in NYS School Drinking Water


Esta información está siendo publicada como se les comunicó en la carta emitida el 30 de Septiembre al personal y padres. Los resultados de los análisis del agua para nuestras escuelas identificaron concentraciones de plomo que necesitarán ser remediadas en los lugares señalados en los informes de arriba.

La contaminación está en la propia fuente de agua potable, no en el agua.  Las fuentes de agua han sido identificadas, claramente marcados e inhabilitadas. No se utilizarán hasta que se tomen las medidas remediables necesarias y hasta que ya no tenga un resultado positivo.  Esperamos terminar las medidas correctivas y repetición de pruebas dentro de un par de meses.  

 Las respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes se pueden encontrar usando el enlace de arriba.