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    Here you will find useful documents to keep you abreast of what is happening in your student's reading classroom.


    Daily Participation Self-Assessment (participation sheet)








    Our daily and weekly participation sheets help students monitor and assess their own behavior.  The daily handout is maintained in the classroom and then students tally the points they've earned for that cycle of class days out of the total possible number.  Students then transfer that total to the weekly participation where they reflect on:


    ·        an area in which they did well

    ·        an area of challenge

    ·        specifically how they will improve the challenge area (above bullet)


    For classes that meet EVERY day, the participation starts on Monday and ends on Friday.  Students bring home their assessment on Friday.  Returning it on Monday, earns the student full credit.  The participation sheet should be coming home for parent/guardian signatures approximately every ten (10) days for classes that meet on “M” or “S” days (weekly participation sheet)


     ELA Achieve  (Teenbiz 3000) Cycle Work(www.teenbiz3000.com

    The ELA Achieve classroom functions by rotating throughout three (3) different instructional groups.  The work is completed with a combination of class time days and homework assignments.  A cycle work plan guide is a way students can organize the time needed to complete all assignments within the time frame deadlines.

    Cycle work plan

    Small Group Instruction

    In the small group, students receive reading strategy instruction.  In addition, we analyze data from the work completed on Teenbiz and set goals for how to improve.

    Independent Reading

    When students work in the Independent Reading Group, they use their time for sustained, silent reading and another session is devoted to responding to their reading by selecting a question from a list of 25 prompts.

    Independent Computer-Based Reading Instruction

    Students log onto to Achieve/Teenbiz 3000 and complete the five-step literacy routine based on an article in their mailbox.  This site can be accessed from ANY internet source.
    NOTE:  IPhones have NOT proven to work well on this site.