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Rochambeau AHS

pizza slice Pie Clay Pizza with acrylics Personal pizza Pizza with menu Pinch Pots Pinch Pots base of clay beginning  slab technique Adding details Clay hand building  

 Clay Pizza Project:  Students worked in groups to develop their own pizza pie.  Some students shaped the crust, others created different toppings and the cheese.  The pizza was assembled by working collaboratively. The projects were dried and fired in the kiln at 1,600F. Students applied acrylic paints to make their pie look realistic.

Principles of Design applied to this project: Movement, Unity, Pattern, Contrast, Balance & Rhythm.





Pinch pots were made during the month of December.  Process: Students wedged clay to remove air pockets, they rolled into a ball, pinched clay to create a hole and shaped clay into a pot.   Students applied under glazes and over glazes.  Project was fired in the kiln at 1500 degrees F














Hands on lesson-pinch pot.

Jerod's Handbuilt clay project



Pinch pot lesson.


























































































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