•  Controlled Parents' Choice Program


    The school district's nationally recognized Controlled Parents' Choice Program was established by the White Plains Board of Education in May of 1988. A model for parental choice, it governs the placement of students in the system's elementary schools. 

    Under the Controlled Parents' Choice Program, a child's school assignment (in kindergarten - fifth grade) is not determined by where she/he lives in White Plains but rather by the rules of the program. Every year in the winter, parents of incoming kindergartners (who complete the registration process and return their Choice Form during the Formal Kindergarten Registration Period )are able to indicate their school preferences for the following year.  Assignments are made based on space available, class size, parents' preferences, socio-economic status (free/reduced lunch), race/ethnicity and language needs in accordance with the Board's diversity policy.

    The results of the Controlled Parents' Choice Program are gratifying and are the reason why school districts around the country have sought the district's assistance in setting up the program at their location. Since the beginning of the program, an average of 93% of the parents have received their first choice school and 98% of the parents their first or second choice school when completing the registration during the Kindergarten Choice Period.

    When it is possible, the preferences of parents of children who enter the school district at the elementary level at a time other than the Formal Kindergarten Registration Period are considered when assigning the children to an elementary school. 
    The Choice Program does not apply to students in grades 6-12 who attend our two middle school campuses and one district-wide high school.  


    For additional information, please contact the Family Information Center at (914-422-2038).