Fine Arts Department


    Band & orchestra lessons are the backbone of the instrumental music program in the White Plains Schools. Instrumental lessons are scheduled on a rotating basis to minimize the impact on class attendance. The policy regarding attendance at instrumental lessons has been explained to the students and the music department will follow this procedure:

    -     Instrumental lessons are a significant part of the student’s grade and have been deemed by the building and district level administration as an excused absence from class. Students should not be penalized or prevented from making up missed work due to instrumental lesson attendance.

    -     Students are placed by instrument into a rotating instrumental lesson format so that there is minimal impact on their course attendance. In most instances, students will not miss a class more than twice a quarter due to an instrumental lesson.

    -     Students have been instructed that they are not to attend an instrumental lesson during a class in which they are performing poorly (a ‘D’ or ‘F’ average) or when they have a test or lab that cannot be made up.

    -     Students should tell their classroom teacher if they are going to miss their class prior to the instrumental lesson. If a student has not done so, he/she will go to class, tell their teacher and proceed to their instrumental lesson. Students should be at their lesson no later than fifteen minutes after the late bell rings.

    -     If a student must miss their instrumental lesson due to a test or lab, the student must inform the band or orchestra teacher prior to the beginning of the lesson. The missed lesson should be made-up within one cycle or the student may lose points for that lesson.

    -     If there are any questions regarding individual student’s attendance at instrumental lessons, please contact their respective music teacher:

    Ruth Siegler/ 7th & 8th Grade Orchestra

    Tim Veeder/ 7th & 8th Grade Band


    Gary West

    Fine Arts Coordinator