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     Sora & Tales2go Overview Videos


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    Available for Grades K-12 Sora, the new reading app for students by OverDrive offers students in the WPCSD thousands of eBooks and audiobook titles to borrow on a first come, first serve basis. Sora has the ability to define unfamiliar words.

    Overview Videos for Sora

    Parents & Staff: (Length 1:46)

    Highlands Students Using Sora (Length 2:25)   What's Sora? Students(Length 1:03) 


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    Available for Grades K-12 Tales2go provides simultaneous access for students to over 7,500 audiobooks without having to worry if the title is currently available. Readers can bookmark their place in the book and pick up where they left off. Spanish titles are also available.

    Overview Videos for Tales2go

     K-3 Students: (Length 1:54)

     4-8 Students: (Length 1:50)


    Help Guides


    Getting Started with Sora        Getting Started with Tales2go

    Extra Sora Tales2go Teacher Information


    Where Do I Log In?


    Once, you've read the "Getting Started" guides above and are ready to use Sora or Tales2go, please visit your school's library web page and use the Sora and Tales2go login buttons.



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