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    Microsoft Office 2016 is not much different than the Office 2010 software you have been using on the school PC computers for the past few years. Although the ribbon (menu bar along top of page) has been modernized, the features are basically the same.

    Besides a few new features, one major enhancement in Office 2016 is the easier ability to work on the same document whether on an Android phone, an iPad, Windows or Apple computer.

    All WPCSD students and staff can download the full version of Office 2016 on your home computer (PC or Mac) for free.
    Log into Office 365 per the right side >> and click here for the directions.

    Microsoft Office 365 is a Web and app based version of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, OneNote and Email.

    Office 365 applications have less features than Office 2016. Office 365 includes 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage in OneDrive for each student and staff member.

    The advantage of using Office 365 is the ability to access the system using any device with Internet access and much more storage space options than the school H:\ drive.

    1. To access Office 365 go to:
    (There is also an Office 365 icon on the desktop)   
    2. Sign in as follows:

    (this is the username for Office 365)

    (this is the username for Office 365)

    Password is the same as when you log into the district computer network (students and staff).
    3. Click "Sign In"
    4. First time logging into Office 365 setup your account per the prompts and then click on OneDrive.

    NOTE:  In order to use the Office 365 apps for iPad or Android, you must log into the Office 365 website using the steps above to setup your account (one time only).