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    Dr. Howard W. Smith
      Acting Superintendent of Schools
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    White Plains, NY 10605
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    April 2017


    A Balanced Approach in the Pursuit of Excellence


    The history of careful fiscal stewardship that has enabled our school district to maintain a balanced budget has also created the opportunity to focus on providing our students with an even more balanced range of opportunities for the 2017-18 school year.  A strategic reallocation of resources allows us to support these expanded opportunities while containing the budget increase to 2.58% over the 2016-17 budget.  This rate of increase is typical for school districts in our region and is also consistent with the rate of inflation in our region.  The resulting proposed budget of $214,135,854 will be supported by a tax levy increase that complies with the tax cap and translates to an estimated 1.75% increase in the tax rate.


    The annual school budget in White Plains has traditionally been developed with an eye towards future sustainability, and the proposed budget for 2017-18 is no exception.  After input was gathered both internally and via a community forum, the resulting recommendations were evaluated based on their compatibility with the District’s long range plan and their impact on the long-term sustainability of that plan.  STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) emerged from this process as a particular area of need for greater emphasis and this is reflected in our budget proposal.  While fiscal uncertainties lie ahead for school districts throughout the state, we are confident that the proposed 2017-18 budget sustainably balances our tradition of conservative fiscal management with our ongoing pursuit of excellence in the opportunities we provide to our students.


    Highlights of the Proposed Budget:

    • Expanded STEM enrichment and elective opportunities in grades 2 & 3, and at the high school

    • Elementary Math specialists to support improved student progress

    • Increased capacity in our Fine Arts program to support student demand for instrumental music lessons

    • Reallocation of expenditures to support more in-district programs for special needs students

    • Increased support for elementary recess supervision and key curriculum-based field trips

    • Strengthening of interscholastic athletics program offerings and safety measures

    • Improved security systems and procedures

    • Playground improvements, roof replacement work, and a new HS intercom system


    Howard W. Smith, PhD
    Acting Superintendent