• Supply List    Supplies
    Below is a list of supplies for the 7th grade. This information will help you and your child prepare for a successful academic year. On the first day of school, students should have planners, pencils and paper. Other supplies are needed for the following week. Please check and refill supplies at the beginning of each marking period. You may even want to pick up additional pencils, pens & paper for students to store in their locker.


    § All students should purchase the official WPMS planner, available at the school. This is mandatory!

    § An accordion-style binder/organizer with subject tabs

    • Looseleaf paper 

    § A good supply of #2 pencils with erasers & a supply of ball point pens (blue and black) No retractable pens, please!

    § Small pencil sharpener with container that collects shavings

    § Plastic pen/pencil case

    § Highlighters

    § Colored pencils

    Headphones (Dollar Store brand is best) 

    § 3 X 5 index cards