• Learning Strategies Program (LSP) at Eastview:
       The Learning Strategies Program targets students whose learning problems are processed-based.  The participating students experience difficulty perceiving, processing, expressing, or organizing information, despite average range abilities.  The Learning Facilitator identifies qualifying participants through testing and observation. Some students are recommended in the transfer from the elementary school.  LSP students are scheduled three times a cycle to work in a group where they receive support for accomplishing school tasks and in developing effective study strategies.  Another major goal of the program is to help students refine written language skills and/or to develop math skills.  Accommodations (under Section 504) are offered, when specific needs are documented.  In addition, the Learning Facilitator consults with the teachers and the parents about the on-going learning issues.  The goal of the program is to promote success in learning and to increase academic productivity for these students.   
Last Modified on March 13, 2005