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    It's SUMMER! The children are very ready for their time off.  They've earned it. We worked very hard all year.

    Spring was especially busy!  We spent a great deal of time with our reading skills.  We are very good at decoding.  Comprehension is extremely important for reading success, so we spent a LOT of time working on reading comprehension.  We must be able to understand what the words mean.  We worked on main idea and inferencing. These are the most difficult skills for us, but we made lots of progress.  We do LOVE to read! We have many favorite characters and series. We've dusted off some older titles and found some good stories to enjoy. We met author/illustrator, Betsy Lewin who is part of the Click, Clack, Moo team.  She drew the pictures for all those books. We really enjoyed reading about Farmer Brown and his barnyard animals. That duck is certainly quite a character.  Dr. Ricca came by and read us a story about a very busy bee who learned to stop and take time to smell the flowers.  It was written by David Shannon (No, David!).  We have lots of favorite books and enjoyed reading some of them many times.  Everyone should be sure to read daily all summer!

    We wrote every day. We wrote about nonfiction topics. We wrote our opinions. We created a character and wrote about him/her in realistic fiction style.  We spent time learning trick words and using many vowel patterns.  

    Math had us firming up math facts and problem solving skills as well as exploring geometry and fractions.  We learned to tell time and identify coins.  Math is all around us. Our math knowledge has grown and grown.  Hopefully we will all continue to memorize math facts to further develop our math fluency.

    We had two great field trips.  We explored the farm habitat at Muscoot Farm in Katonah, NY.  We couldn't believe how big the pigs were or how adorable newborn goats were. Amazing!  We were able to pet a lamb and it was so, so soft.  We hiked to the pond and listened to nature's music.  We loved the hayride, expecially the bumps.   The NY Botanical Gardens gave us more to explore. The Rose Garden confirmed that roses come in other colors than red.  We read the names of the different roses and took time to smell them.  Our workshop allowed us to dissect a plant and find out all about plant parts. We all brought home bean plants to watch grow.  We learned SO much on both trips.  We hope to return to these places with our families.  

    We celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day with special guests in our classroom.  We loved making the gifts!  We put on a play and had a great time being up on the big stage. We were happy our families could be the audience along with the other first graders.   We had Field Day and got a lot of exercise!  We were part of the Arbor Day celebration at Post Road. We wrote a poem and presented it to the White Plains Beautification Committee.  We were even on News 12! We're famous! 

    It's been a great year in First Grade.  We are ready for some rest, but hopefully we will write in a journal, read some good books, practice some math facts and continue to build on our knowledge. Have a great summer! 

     Dr. Ricca

    Betsy Lewin Readers Field Day Arbor Day


    Botanical Gardens

     lamb  Botanical Gardens



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