White Plains High School Concert Band
    Information and Classroom Rules


    I would like to begin by welcoming you all back for the 2019-20 school year.  Last year was successful beyond all my expectations.  You put in the work and achieved results.   With that said, I have a challenging, but fun year planned and I cannot wait to get started.   For all of you who new, and those that may have forgotten over the summer, I would like to introduce you to my class policies and expectations.


    Daily Classroom Environment

    Our class is Period 1, which means there is no acceptable excuse for being late to class.  

    1. You must be in your seat ready to play no later than TWO MINUTES after the bell rings. I will give the first down beat at this moment in time.  If you are not in your seat, or do not bring be me a pass, you will be assessed a tardy.  Excessive tardiness will affect your participation grade.

    2. When you enter the room, you will notice the daily agenda projected on the auditorium screen. After taking your seat, please take out and put in order the music we are rehearsing for the day.  This really helps us have efficient rehearsals.

    3. I try to make announcements towards the end of class. I will dismiss you with enough time to put your stuff away and make it to your next class.  The only exception to this occurs when people begin to put their belongings away before I am finished with announcements.  This will cause me to wait for everyone’s attention and usually makes people late for their next class. I will always be respectful of your time and in return, I expect you to be respectful of our time as a group.

    4. This guideline applies specifically to percussionists. I am sensitive to the fact you have more equipment to set up than anyone else in the Band.  With that said, it is even more important for you to be aware of the daily rehearsal schedule and what equipment needs to be brought out for each piece.  I will be sure to post percussion assignments so everyone knows what their assignments are. In addition, you are responsible for turning the stick bag back into be at the end of every class.  If this is not done, it will affect your participation grade.



    Your grade will be formulated using the following four areas:

    1. Participation (30%)– This includes making it to class on time, having your instrument, music and materials on a daily basis and proper classroom behavior. You will receive participation rubrics every two weeks. You will fill out a copy and turn it in to me. I will then fill it out and return it to you with my comments.

    2. Performance (35%) – Performance is made up of two sub categories.  First, throughout the marking period you will be assigned music checks. These checks may consist of scales, technical exercises, or excerpts from our repertoire and will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  All music checks are recorded on a digital device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and turned in to me. You may be assigned up to two major playing assessments per year.  Second, attendance is required at all concert performances and will be covered in a following section.

    3. Sectional Attendance (30%) - The next section will explain this in detail.

    4. Written Assignments (5%) – Occasionally, we will have written assignments.  They could range from a short paper on a composer, or music time period, to music theory assignments.


    Sectionals are the life-blood of everything we do in Band.  They are a privilege and something we cannot abuse.  Because of this, we have some rules to help balance sectional periods with your academic classes. The number of sectionals you are required to attend will vary each quarter, but you will always be responsible for two less than the scheduled number. 

    1. Sectionals are required. At the beginning of each quarter, I will post the sectional to our class website.  I encourage each of you to write each sectional period in your planners. Daily text messages will be sent out via the RemindTM classroom messaging service.

    2. Although sectionals are required please use common sense when deciding to attend. If you are going to miss something important, like a review or a test, do not come.  You will have ample opportunity to make it up.

    3. Sectional attendance will be sent to the office daily so that you do not receive a phone call for missing class..

    4. Sectional make ups will be scheduled weekly.

    5. Students must make up a sectional within a two-week time period. It is your responsibility to make up sectionals in a timely manner. If you have issues with attending and making up sectionals, please come and talk to me.



    Concerts begin at 7PM. We prepare and present our concerts together as an ensemble, therefore it is VITAL that each and every person attends the performance.  The only acceptable excuse for missing a concert is a family or medical emergency.  In this rare occurrence, I must talk to your parents in order to excuse the performance absence.   Students must arrive no later than the specified call time in concert attire.  Acceptable concert attire is as follows:

    • Men - black dress slacks, white shirt & tie, dark socks & shoes.
    • Ladies- white blouse, black skirt of appropriate length, or black slacks.

    If you show up in inappropriate attire, you may not be allowed to perform.   

    Please click 2019-20 Concert Dates For the schedule.


    Cell Phone Policy


    This is an easy one, no cell phones out in class.  My policy will simply be the school policy.  We are in class to work, you can text and chat on your way to 2nd period.


    School Instruments


                      White Plains High School has a strict policy on school instrument use.  If you play one of the following, you will be issued an instrument by the school, subject to availability


    1. Tuba
    2. French Horn
    3. Euphonium
    4. Tenor Sax
    5. Bari Sax
    6. Bassoon
    7. Bass Clarinet
    8. Percussion (must bring your own snare drum sticks)


    Students enrolled in the districts free and reduced lunch program are also allowed use of a school instrument.  If you fall into this category, please come and see me privately.


    Any student using a school instrument will be required to sign, along with your parents, a School Instrument Form.  By signing this form, you are agreeing to care for this instrument and will be responsible for any repair cost above and beyond the normal wear and tear of yearly use in addition to the replacement value if it lost or stolen while in your possession.


    Instrument Storage Room


                      The instrument storage room exists for the protection of all our instruments.  Because of this, the only items allowed to be stored in your locker (or room) will be your instruments and music.  You may not store any of your personal items in your assigned locker (or room).  It is best to keep anything of value on your person as the school is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.  It is also imperative that you keep all instruments in their proper places.  Student who leave their personal or school instruments in the middle of the floor for people to step on, risk losing the privilege of using that school instrument, or risk a big repair bill.  Foot marks are expensive to repair!


    School Music and Folders


                      Students need to take care of the music we play in class.  Not every person will receive an original copy, but those who do cannot write anything on the music in PEN.  We only use PENCIL to mark our music.  Those who do will be responsible for replacing the music.  Anyone who writes or draws anything derogatory or profane on their music will also be responsible for replacing the music and will receive a phone call home.


                      By following these simple guidelines and procedures, I am confident we will have a great learning environment and will be able to make great music and have lots of fun.