Ridgeway School is a child centered, enthusiastic, engaging and structured community that fosters learning. We believe that teaching and learning should match each child’s strengths, needs and learning style. We have an experienced, innovative and dedicated staff. Our excellent support programs meet the needs of every child. Many specialists work in the classroom using a collaborative model that enables all children to benefit from their expertise. 

          Our school theme, global understanding, builds on diversity, guiding children towards a better and deeper understanding of the world in which we live. Ridgeway’s involvement in the Child Development Project strengthens our commitment to creating a caring community of learners that instills respect, fairness, values, and the social and personal responsibility for each child in their community. 

        Ridgeway uses a balanced literacy approach to teaching reading and writing. Children are exposed to all genres of literature and writing. They develop a love for literacy. In our math and science programs children conduct ongoing investigations to solve real world problems. Technology is integrated into all curriculum areas as well. Children utilize the computer as a tool for research, publishing and presentations. 

       Parents are active partners in their child’s education. Our PTA and School Based Council committees share decision making and work together to provide enriching opportunities for, students, teachers, and parents.