• Mrs. Persampieri

    Eastview- 6W

    Why study Social Studies?


    “Who cares about the past?  I want to live in the present.”  Many young people would probably agree with this statement.  In fact, however, the present reflects the past.  The actions of people long ago still affect our lives today.  And the actions we take will affect the people of the future.  The study of history helps us to understand the relationship between past and present.”       
                                                                                                 The American Nation, 1995, Prentice Hall, p.xxii.


    Welcome to Social Studies! 
    In the sixth grade we have
    specific course expectations and grading criteria. 


    Course Expectations:

    ·         Attend class regularly

    ·         Use a 3-ring binder 

    ·         Designate a section only for social studies handouts (all handouts will be hole punched)

    ·         Participate in class discussions

    ·         Come to class prepared with binder, pen/pencil, or other asked for supplies



    Your grades will be based on the quality of your work in the following areas:

    ·         Tests

    ·         Quizzes           }      50%

    ·         Projects- 15%

    ·         Homework- 25%

    ·         Class Participation/ Effort- 10%

    Classroom Behavior:

    ·         Follow directions the first time given

    ·         Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

    ·         Raise your hand if you have something to share

    ·         Be prepared to WORK!

    ·         Have RESPECT for yourself and others

     child hand up

    -Follow these rules and guidelines and you will achieve success in school!


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