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    Springboard is a highly engaging, student-centered, interactive curriculum. Through the use of Springboard, students will attain the skills and knowledge required for success in Advanced Placement courses and in college-level work. The Springboard curriculum is rigorous, research based, and extremely thought-provoking.
    The Springboard curriculum is comprised of 6 units.  Each unit is centered around the theme of challenges.  In unit 1, we examine challenges as they are faced by different heroic characters.  Students will also examine the concept of heroism as it applies to: the world around them, different fictional/nonfictional characters, and their own personal experiences. 
    Unit 1: The Challenge of Heroism
    Essential Questions:
     1.  What defines a hero?    
    2. How does the hero's journey archetype appear in stories throughout time?
    We will answer these questions as we progress through unit 1.  Students will notice that their initial answers to these questions will evolve as they complete the unit.  Both questions are the foundation of Embedded Assessment #1 and #2.
    Embedded Assessment #1: (midway through this unit, page 53)
    Writing a Definition Essay:

    Your child's assignment for this E.A. is to write a multi-paragraph essay that defines their concept of heroism. He/she will use various strategies of definition (definition by function, example, and negation) to explain their unique opinion on the concept.
    For your information:
    Embedded Assessments:
    Embedded assessments are assessments that make use of actual work that students produce throughout  the course.   It is a method for measuring their knowledge and ability.  They help chart student progress, rather than “testing” them at the end of every unit.  They assist me in determining how students are doing.   
    These assessments may include:
    • Visual/ graphic displays (or organizers)
    • Oral presentations
    • Written expositions
    • Staged performances
    • Quizzes
     Units 2-6 coming soon.

    This year, you and I embark on one of the most important journeys we will ever experience—helping your child become all he or she can be.  This can certainly be a scary journey, but at the same time it is an exciting and rewarding one.  While on this journey, we will work together to keep your child on task, and to help him or her reach their highest potential.  You can help by asking your child what he or she has learned in class each day, by checking any/all assignments they have completed, and by asking questions that encourage discussions at home.  This way your child can share his or her educational growth with you.    

    One of my goals this year is to encourage your child to be an active participant in school, and to also have fun while doing so.  I look forward to an exciting year and a rewarding partnership with you.

    Together, we will succeed!