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    Jody Kennedy
    The White Plains Middle Schools Art Curriculum is aligned with the New York State Standards for art education coupled with a visual arts philosophy that is integral to the program in grades six through eight. The four New York State standards allow students to participate in art, understand and use materials, analyze their own art and the work of others and lastly understand how all of this fits into their own cultural background and the global village at large.
    The specific visual arts curriculum standards are repeated across the three grade levels permitting art teachers to reinforce these standards throughout these grades as the students begin to use more advanced tools and media as well as more complex terminology and begin to explore art concepts with wider breadth. The visual arts philosophy has always been that all students working at all levels of ability from very diverse backgrounds should be able to communicate through art in a collective and caring atmosphere. This is crucial in a middle school environment where the emphasis on education needs to include an exploratory component before students begin high school.