The MAS School Based Council parents represent the ideas and concerns of the students and families, and help make MAS an even more exciting and enriching learning environment for our children.  This commitment allows parents to plan a concrete role in bringing new programs or activities to our school, as well as exposing you to meaningful discussions with key staff and faculty members.
    In 1995, NY State Department of Education mandated that all public schools have some form of "Site-Based Decision Making Group" which would include parents, faculty, administrators and staff.  In White Plains, each school has a SBC, which consists of four teachers, four parents, one CEA representative, all of whom are elected by their representative constituencies.  In addition, the Principal and Assistant Principal sit as permanent members of the group.
    This year, the Council meets on a monthly basis on Friday from Noon - 1pm. The goals of the Council are:  to promote student achievement, the importance of parental involvement in schools, and to support the MAS theme of "Creative Expressions of Learning."
    Council members serve for a two year term.