• Daily Operational Procedures


    • ABSENCES -  If  your  child  will be  absent  from  school, please call  the  office ( 422-2320).
    • ARRIVALS -

                   Morning Drop Off Procedures- Drive down the Soundview Avenue hill, turn right into the parking lot.  Bear RIGHT only.  Follow the traffic cones and stop along the sidewalk. Your child should get out of the car without assistance, and walk along the sidewalk to the entrance.

    Drivers should not get out of the car!
    We ask that you stay in line as you leave the parking lot and

    turn right down the hill.


    If you need to get out of your car to assist your child, or walk him or her to the door,

     we ask that you do so on the Sterling Ave. side of the building.
    •  School begins  at 8:35  a.m. Students  may be  dropped off between 8:15  and 8:35 a.m. If  your  children  participate in the  breakfast program  they  may be  dropped off  at 8:15  a.m.    Parents   who  drive  their   children  to  school  should  drop them off  in the  rear of  the building ( Soundview  Avenue  side) not before  8:20  a.m.. Children  who  walk  should  enter  from the Sterling  Avenue  side,  at the  lower  entrance.
    • DEPARTURES - Children  who will be  picked up in the  afternoon  will be assembled in the  cafeteria( Soundview  Avenue  side) at 3:15 p.m. Parents  should  pick  them up  there.
    • Contact  Information – Please log on to the Parent Portal to make any changes to your family  information  (new  telephone numbers, employment numbers, etc. ) *In the event of difficulty, contact the help desk there.  We  need to be  able  to  reach  you  should  an  emergency  arise.  Click here for the Parent Portal.
    • School Emergencies/Closings – In the event  there is  a school closing, a  delayed  opening,  an  early  dismissal,  or  other  type  of  emergency, we  will notify  you  in several ways. We  will  do a  call-out to  your  phone  number on  record ( home  or  cell), you  may  check the  district  web-site and you may  listen  to radio  station WFAS 103.9FM / 1230AM.
    • Lost and  Found – Please  label   all of   your  child’s belongings  and personal items. We  would like  to  return   the  items if they  become  misplaced