Welcome to Kindergarten!!

    The Kindergarten students at Post Road School explore language, phonics, reading skills, and writing. They learn about basic math concepts like sorting, classifying and numbers, and they begin to learn how nature and science impact their world.

    Children also get plenty of opportunities to explore their creativity through drawing, painting and music. Most important of all, they're continually developing their minds and muscles every day in a place where they feel comfortable and cared for. The way we see it, school is a pretty long journey, so it's critical to get the best start.

    Our students complete kindergarten intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially ready for first grade. They also come away with a love for learning that will prepare them for a life of learning.

    Our dynamic Kindergarten Team:



    Ms. Arras-Ron
    Ms. Bonuomo 
    Mrs. L. DiRenzo
    Mrs. L. Cordone