• soccar ball Ms. Stefano
    Physical Education Teacher


     Welcome to Physical Education at George Washington School!  The physical educators are dedicated to providing a safe and fun learning environment.  Our goals are to give students sport knowledge along with leadership, physical and cooperative skills and provide them with the knowledge of physical fitness in a fun and safe environment.
      EACH STUDENT MUST WEAR SNEAKERS TO PARTICIPATE IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASS.  Each class begins with a warm-up.  The warm-up is designed to improve the student's cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and strength.  The warm-up is usually followed by a a review of knowledge and skills.   
    Physical Education at GW is divided into two levels.
    Grades K-2
    This level has an emphasis on developmental skills such as:  loco-motor movements, ball bouncing, eye-hand coordination,  spacial awareness, striking skills, dodging and fleeing,pathways, jump-roping and fitness.
    Grades 3-5
    This level has an emphasis on sports such as:  team handball, field hockey, basketball, football, gymnastics, soccer, golf, lacrosse, circus skills, jump-roping, fitness and numerous project adventure cooperative activities.
    In addition, students in all grades are given opportunities to learn how to work together, cooperate with one another, and to be leaders.
    All lessons are designed to incorporate student learning objectives.  All units involve individual and team skill practice to see if students can successfully demonstrate that they have learned appropriate knowledge and skills.
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our program here at George Washington School. 
    Coach Marybeth Stefano