• 3AP Langauge and Composition

    Students in AP English Language and Composition are afforded the opportunity to become skilled practitioners of writing and readers of complex texts.  The course also asks students to become active readers of prose written in a myriad of time periods, contexts, and disciplines.  Readings and activities center on broadening their awareness of author’s purpose, tone, rhetorical strategies, and knowledge of audience.  Students also come to understand how to integrate these skills into their own writing. Through essays, speeches, letters, novels, and graphics and/or visual images – advertisements and political cartoons, etc. – they hone their interpretative/analytical powers, along with the ability to synthesize these sources.

                Authors include the diverse voices of Benjamin Franklin, F.S. Fitzgerald, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jonathan Swift, William Shakespeare, Annie Dillard, Martin Luther King, Jr., Peter Singer, Richard Wright, and Richard Rodriguez.  White Plains High School is a rich and diverse community, and we celebrate that diversity with our curriculum choices. 

                During each quarter, our students write essays that are reflective of the readings; they are encourage to develop similar methods and strategies, going beyond the five paragraph essay of traditional writing classes.   We encourage them to become aware of syntax, word choice, and tone as they develop their own voices.  Students are taught to reference and cite their sources according to the Modern Language Association’s guidelines, which WPHS has adopted in all course areas.