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    Welcome to Mr. Crino's Biology web page! Currently I am teaching Regents and Honors Biology. Office hours are available by appointment only. Regardless of whether you have a quick question or are in need of more in depth help please see me after class or send me an email to make an appointment.
    I am also available 9th period (2:45-3:20) on days 2,3,6 & 7.
    This is not a private tutoring session. Please show up with questions that you have about the material or other work to do for my class.

    Remember: to be the "top dog" in my class you must take responsibility for your own work. If you are absent it is your job to make sure that you get the homework and notes that you missed. Students should see me immediately when they return to school after an absence to schedule make-up exams (This is your responsibility). Please feel free to use this Website as a resource to help you be successful in my class this year.
    NO EXCUSES!!! Students are given ample time to complete projects, labs and homework and should prepare nightly for upcoming tests and quizzes. Last minute excuses and whining because you did not manage your time properly have no place in my classroom. If there are extenuating circumstances (ex. a death in the family,  hospitalization, etc.) then please contact me as soon as possible.
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Last Modified on February 5, 2016