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     Welcome to my webpage for Aquatics and Physical Education
    FYI- Ok Folks, we are at the half way point of quarter 2 and progress report are sent home on 12/16/2020 Wednesday. If you have a failing grade you still have time to pass the quarter if you send all work in time for final grade during the midterms week of January! 
    Alert to all of Mr. Valedon classes period 1, 3, 4 and 7 both cycles odd and even Please RESEND ALL THREE LOGS( 1,2,AND 3) AND WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT IN ONE EMAIL FOR 2ND QUARTER. 
    Remember everyone you must send in a workout/yoga log, you create, every week during hybride/remote learning!
    no log, no credit above 65!
    Note: please do not send hand written workout logs, use word document Template, not excel, suggested.
    Please email to PabloValedon@wpcsd.k12.ny.us  directly.
    Remote assignments: All classes send a weekly exercise/yoga log.
    Sample workout log - Don't forget to include two more columns at the end "how you feel" and "what you plan to do about it"-6 columns total.
    Max point log format
     What to include in workout log Name, period, log number and These 6 columns- 1 Date, 2 Duration, 3 Activity, 4 Details, 5 How you feel, 6 What you plan to do about it.
    3-5 days a week  indicate day of week, and date  and log number
    Exercises- given for each day for the 30 day Challenge 1st Marking period aquatics workouts- Plus the orginal workout posted to schoology for week one.
    use link below for access to Dare bee.com
    indicate for each day:
    duration 20mins -30mins
    frequecy 3x10 pushups or 3x10 minutes of walking
    Intensity slow , moderate, fast 
    keep it simple and make sure you indicate class, name period.
    No hand written paper pictures please they are difficult to read!
    stay healthy
    Coach Valedon.
    Email to PabloValedon@wpcsd.K12.ny.us
    link for sample exercises-  https://darebee.com
    Quick Review:
     The key to earning max points is making sure all the following information is included in each weekly log. 
    -Log number 
    -Dates of each day of week 
    -3 to 5 days of exercises you can do 3 or all 5 days you pick.
    -Name of exercises. 
    -Duration or amount of time spent doing the exercises 
    -Intensity of exercises easy, moderate, hard
    -Number of repetitions and sets ex; 10 push ups 3 times or 3x10.
    -The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday
    -So all days in between are included 
    -Check ic often for due dates. 
    -If  you miss sending it in  on due date it will not be marked late. 
    -I just enter missing until log is sent.
    -make sure you use darebee.com 30 day challenge posted to schoology.
    Send log to my email address directly.
    I also afford all students an opportunity to make corrections. 
    If you still have questions please contact me directly at this email- PabloValedon@wpcsd.k12.ny.us
    Thank you,
    Coach Valedon 




    Aquatics requirements

    How to earn a passing grade in aquatics:

    There are 80 points available to all students for attending fully prepared and participating in 20 sessions, this includes all daily objectives, which includes doing homework assigned for swimming.

    The other 20 points are earned by taking the skills test, appropriate to your learning group (beginner, intermediate, advance groups) and scoring a four out of 4 on the skills tested, for your designated group.  

    A score of “3” will earn a student 15 points, a score of “2” will earn a student a score of 10 points and finally, a score of “1” will earn the student  five points. If a student does not take the test he/she will not earn any points. Students may take the test as many times as possible until the desired or best grade is achieved. During the second, third, and fourth quarter students will be learning more than one skill and will earn an average grade (for skills test taken) for each of those quarters.

    How to do it really well

    All students must attend all 20 sessions, even if you are medically excused, never be late or absent.

    All students need a bathing suit, cap, goggles, towel, flip flops, lotion, and a lock (Which will be assigned to each student). Lockers are to be cleaned out at the end of each quarter to prevent mildew and bacteria. Students should take swim suit home and launder it to avoid any infections.

    All students who do not swim for any reason must pay attention to lesson.

     If a student is medically excused for the year, upon verification, they must do a current event project related to swimming for each week, for all quarters they will not be able to swim.

     If a student is medically excused for a short time (one week to three weeks) they must do a current event article (related to swimming) posted on my webpage and follow rubrics.

    All students (medically excused too) must make up any missed class within the 10 day limit provided by the Physical Education Department. To avoid losing points the last week of the quarter, students should bank days in advance to, in case something comes up during the last week of the quarter.

    Students can make up classes during study hall and lunch time and have 2 weeks (10days) to do so.

     If students do not have a study hall upon verification student can come down and make up classes missed during lunch time. On those days they will bring a bag lunch.

     During the last three weeks of each quarter all students will only be allowed to make up a maximum of 4 classes. Due to safety concerns and class capacity we can only safely Lifeguard 35 students at any one time.

    If you want to earn a good grade or even an “A” you must do “A” work. Likewise, if you want to pass the class so you can play on a varsity team you must do what is required before it’s too late.

    The time to be concerned with your grade is at the beginning and throughout each quarter and not when the end of the quarter is upon you. By then it’s too late. Extra work is predicated when all requirements where fulfilled and students need just a little extra help to earn a passing grade (65 or a “D”). A student who did “nothing all quarter long” is not entitled to extra work, because they were afforded plenty of opportunity to do the “right thing.”

    Keep this sheet handy and “earn your grade” the first time around. Good Luck!


    Click on link to view video on swimming

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    2013-16 Action photos of Mr Valedon! Pawling Triathlon 
    Swim 600yds, Bike 11 miles and Run 3.1 miles 
    Mr Valedon finishing swim leg Mr Valedon during bike leg Mr Valedon finishing run leg