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    Les pays francophones
    General Objectives:
    - To develop comprehension of the sound of the French language or the Spanish language through oral practice and continuous enhancement of vocabulary.
    - To develop speaking ability with a good accent and with proper intonation through frequent oral participation and attentive repetition.
    - To understand and use appropriate cultural behavior in social and survival situations.
    -To develop reading ability using cultural material through continuous practice in reading, question/response and the study of grammar usage.
    - To develop written expressions in French or in Spanish through compositions, review and continued study of parts of speech as well as vocabulary.
    - To acquire a better understanding of the history and culture of French-speaking countries or Spanish-speaking countries.
    Language learning tips
    Your success will depeen in large part upon your willingness to engage fully in all class activities. You will get the most out of the speaking activities if you:
    • Say as much as you can, participation is key
    • Use as diverse a vocabulary as you can
    • Are not discouraged by not having the perfect word for a particular idea
    • Focus primarily on the communicative task is being addressed
    • Ask meaningful questions, and listen to and react in a meaningful way to what your conversational partner says.
    One of the keys to improving your communicative competence is to take risks in the language. Making mistakes is critically important part of learning to speak. So please make mistakes and accept corrections graciously. You will experience the inevitable ups and downs of learning a language. You will experience days when you are not progressing . Please know that all these phases are normal part of the process of learning a language, and your persistence will bear fruit. if you become discouraged do not hesitate to come and see me.
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