• Welcome to Mr. Friedman's Science Class!
    I love science and I am thrilled that I get to talk about it all day.
    If you are absent, you are responsible for seeing me to make up the work.
    Tests and quizzes are given frequently, sometimes with only one or two days notice.
    Use a 3 hole punch binder for notes and handouts. I give a lot of handouts.
    I love to help students with questions. You can always ask a question....Don't be shy.
    If you don't understand what I am saying, just ask for an alternate explanation, or a diagram.
    Extra help is available during lunch DAYS 4 & 8,and Tutorials.
    Tutorial periods are always available for extra help, makeup HW or labs.
    Email me at akivafriedman@wpcsd.k12.ny.us or call 914 422 2154
Last Modified on November 3, 2015