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    Welcome to my class. Drawing is the foundation of art.  Since the dawn of time, drawing has played a significant role in the life of every human.  From the early cave dwellers, images have given us an insight into their behavior as hunter gatherers.  Drawing predates the written language which in itself is a form of mark making.  Drawing and mark making is at the root of all visual communication. Through this practice we are able to organize the world visually and to see and understand.  To be able to formulate a dynamic composition in your mind and execute it using an artistic medium is truly an exciting experience.  I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach drawing at the introductionintermediate and advanced levels.  This year, I am also very excited to teach Advanced Art Portfolio and AP Studio in Art.  
    Please feel free to contact me either via:
    email or by phone at (914) 422-2017
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