• In response to the increasing childhood obesity and diabetes rates, the White Plains physical education department has begun infusing monthly nutrition themes into the curriculum.  Every month all White Plains students, kindergarten through 12th grade, are instructed on the same (grade appropriate) nutrition topic.  The teachers in the physical education department felt strongly that making good nutritional choices was a crucial component to becoming a life-long participant in physical activity.

    Teachers are creating bulletin boards that align with the monthly themes.  They are also implementing games, activities and projects that make connections between physical activities and nutrition.

     Here are the 2016-2017 monthly themes incorporated into Physical Education Curriculum at MAS:

    September – Eating a Healthy Breakfast

    October  - Hydration / Drinking water over sugary drinks

    November – Sugar

    December– Fruits & Vegetables

    January – Sleep & Relaxation

    February – Making Healthy Food Choices

    March – Portion sizes

    April – Food Groups

    May – Food Labels 

    June – Review

    ***Grades K - 2 will revisit the Sept - Jan themes in Feb - June