Citizen of the Month

  • Characteristics of “Being a Good Citizen/Friend” Criteria 

    In school, children are routinely taught the importance of being good citizens (or a good friend). We talk about it every day, “Be a good friend, the choice is yours.” What does that really mean? What does that look like?

    Each month, classrooms will  explore and discuss meanings around the characteristics that make a good friend. Teachers will incorporate monthly themes into morning messages, while reading books aloud and  having discussions. Modeling and highlighting the characteristics would be a great way to showcase desired behaviors and qualities of a good friend.

    Our goal - All students will learn the meaning of friendship and students who exhibit these traits will be highlighted each month. ALL students will highlighted.  Students will also bring home a certificate to share and celebrate with their families

    Each month classroom teachers will select 2 (some maybe3) students for the “Citizen of the Month” program.   The following are the monthly themes:


    October- Kind

    November-Good Listener







    June Perseverance