Welcome to Spanish Club!
    ¡Bienvenidos al Club de Español!

    We are a club dedicated to the celebration of the Spanish language, and the cultures of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. The White Plains High School  Spanish Club seeks to bring together the Spanish-speaking community within the High school and connect it with the Spanish-speaking world. Through weekly meetings, community service, and cultural events, the club’s members will increase their understanding of the Spanish language and culture that surrounds it.The club participates in trips to see Broadway shows. We also perform acts of community service, and are involved in both school functions and outside events. Each month, we celebrate a different Spanish-speaking country, by discussing its history and customs and viewing presentations created by members.
    Somos un club que se dedica a la celebración del idioma español, la riqueza cultural  de España y Latinoamerica. El club participa en variadas y  diversas actividades culturales y educativas. Cada mes, celebramos a un país hispanohablante, y discutimos su historia, sus costumbres. 
    Club Meetings: Tuesdays at 11:35 a.m. during Lunch
    Location: Sra. Villarie's Room-A213


    Officers (2017-2018)
    President: Echeandia Rojas Valeria
    Vice President: Ovalles Cynthia
    Secretary:  Pucha Rosemary
    Treasurer: Martinez Kimberly
    General Organization Representative: Garcia Ericka

    *********Adviser: Señora J. Villarie**********
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