Mrs. Hommez      Mrs. Hommez

             General Music Teacher/Chorus Director

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    General Music At Ridgeway

    Students at Ridgeway Elementary sing, dance and perform using instruments in music class.  Beginning in kindergarten students learn to use their singing voices and keep the steady beat by singing, moving, dancing and playing classroom instruments like the xylophone and the drum.  Their development continues in these areas throughout the 1st and 2nd grades where they learn to read simple notation and perform easy harmonies.  Once in 3rd grade students will learn to play simple songs on the recorder and further their singing skills by singing in increasingly complex rounds.  They will also write chants and phrases using rhythmic notation.  In 4th grade students will continue singing in harmony by learning partner songs and basic harmonies.  They will continue writing their own songs with basic rhythmic and melodic notation.  In 5th Grade students who are not in band or orchestra will continue in general music where they will build on the skills they learned in previous grades.  They will also study a variety of cultures/regions and musical genres.  By the time students leave as 5th graders they will be able to sing in 2 part harmony, write music using basic notation skills, perform on instruments and dance traditional and popular dances from around the world.  

    Instruments At Ridgeway

    At the end of the third grade students will have an opportunity to try an instrument from the band or orchestra.  In 4th grade all students will begin taking lessons on their new instruments in small groups in addition to their general music classes.  If a child is successful on their instrument in the 4th grade then they will have the opportunity to continue small group lessons and begin performing in the band or orchestra when they are in 5th grade (
    PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE...).  All students in the 4th and 5th grade will have the opportunity to sing in the Ridgeway Recess Chorus.  With consistent practice and commitment to their instruments and to chorus they will be able to continue performing in a variety of ensembles during their White Plains music careers and beyond.