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    Achieve Learning Program (A.L.P)!




    Achieve Learning Program  (ALP)is a full-year, six-day cycle course designed to enhance, or improve, English/language arts skills.  I am excited to be using a computer program called TeenBiz3000.  I’m using TeenBiz as a tool to help my students improve their overall reading comprehension skills.  I am confident that if a student puts serious effort into his/her work in Power Reading this year, then he/she will indeed see reading improvement… this will extends beyond the A.L.P. and into other classes.


       Two days per cycle, students have their own login & password and go to (http://www.teenbiz3000.com/) where they access an email and a current events article for that day. I've planned many Theme Units as well where I select the group of related articles. Every student in the class gets the same basic article, but the content is customized to match your own reading level. The article comes with a variety of activities to improve your comprehension, vocabulary and writing skills. As your reading level improves, TeenBiz increases the level of difficulty so you remain challenged and interested. Students take an online reading assessment in September, January and again at the end of the year in late May. Most students make good progress, elevating their reading levels. However, the ongoing achievements of successfully applying skills and improving comprehension are very motivating and inspiring for them!


       On another two days of the cycle, students work with me in a small-group setting.  In addition to tracking and analyzing TeenBiz progress, we'll focus on building you a toolbox of strategies that will help improve your reading and writing.  After they learn about each strategy, they'll have ample class time to practice using the strategies by writing and reading independently.


       Students also have an (IRB) Independent Reading Book this class.  They will choose their own most times but I will also assign one for small group discussions. Reading a variety of genres builds reading skills, vocabulary, background knowledge, and much more.



    q  1 … one-inch or 1 ½ inch binder.  Note that this binder will be kept here in my classroom.  It must be a dedicated Power Reading binder, not a section of another class’s binder.

    q  1 … box of tissues

    q  1 … writing utensil.  Pen or pencil – your preference. 

    q  1 … package of five (5) dividers









    Course Requirements

    q  Cycle work:

    q  3 TeenBiz Multiple Choice activities (TBMC)

    q  1 TeenBiz Writing Center activities (TBWC)

    q  1 TeenBiz Thought Question (TBTQ)

    q  Independent Reading: Includes response writing, summaries, & book reviews.

    q  Data Binder- analysis of scores, skills, habits & attitudes. ( "A" Day is Data Day! All cycle work due each "F" Day)



    q  TBMC (3)                            25%

    q  TBTQ (1)                             25%

    q  TBWC (1)                            10%

    q  Data Binder                         15%

    q  Independent Reading            25%

    Note:  you earn a letter grade for your work in A.L.P.


    Miscellaneous Information 

    q  Students are expected  to report to me before music lessons if they need to miss class.

    q  They are responsible for the above-mentioned course requirements.  If you miss class because of illness, lessons,  or a trip/other Team activity, make sure that you make up that day’s work by the end of the cycle (F Day).



    I hope to help make this year a great success for students and look forward to discussing some goals this year!


    Yours truly,


    Terry Cristiano

    Reading Specialist









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    Questions/Comments:  (Parents, if you’d like me to get back to you, please include a daytime phone number) If you’d prefer, send an email to     teresacristiano@wpcsd.k12.ny.us      


    We’ll have a great school year. Let’s work as a team to achieve your goals and improve your reading and writing skills!

    Thank you