Welcome to Grade 6 Critical Literacy and ELA with Mrs. Fiscella!

     Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  You are about to begin an exciting journey as a middle school student.  As you begin this academic year, take some time to reflect on fifth grade, and determine what you did well and what you can improve.  Set goals for yourself that are both realistic and challenging, and don't forget to consider your out-of-school activities when establishing your goals because one does affect one another.  From my experience, I have noticed that the students who approach their work with consistent effort are most successful.  I am looking forward to our year together!  I assure you that we will work hard, but I also know that while we're working hard, we will be having fun


    Let's work together to make this an enjoyable and successful year!
                                  Mrs. Fiscellastar
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