• Educational Services


    • Small class instruction adapted to the learning styles and needs of the students
    • Identification of underlying factors that prevent the student from succeeding
    • White Plains public school teachers certified in special education and content areas
    • Middle and high school regents-level course work in the core curricular areas
    • Approved New York State secondary school curriculum
    • Participation in New York State Regents Examinations


    Criteria for Admission

    The student must be:

    • age 13 – 21
    • currently enrolled in a public school program
    • unable to function in the current school placement due to emotional, psychological, or behavioral difficulties, or has had excessive absences, or has been on home instruction
    • in need of a therapeutic placement
    • of low-average to above-average intelligence
    • approved for placement by the home school district's Committee on Special Education



    Clinical Services


    • Initial assessment and on-going monitoring of individual emotional and psychosocial needs
    • Functional groups designed to teach skills necessary for appropriate school, work, social, and family functioning
    • Individual and group counseling and family consultation as it relates to the educational process
    • Assistance in connecting with community therapeutic services



    Contact Information

    Passages Program
    228 Fisher Avenue 
    White Plains, New York 10606

    Paul Bratcher, District Administrator


    Phone Numbers:

    School Office: (914) 422-5766

    School Fax: (914) 422-2340


    Send e-mail to: