• Studenti d'italiano a Firenze - primavera 2011
    Benvenuti nel mondo meraviglioso d'italiano!
    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Italian!
    Because millions of Italian have left Italy over the years to seek a new life, opportunities and adventure in other countries, their language has spread to every corner of the globe. Italian is indeed spoken on every continent. It is not only the language of Italy but of southern Switzerland, Corsica, and southeastern France. It is also widely spoken and used as a secondary language along the eastern Adriatic coast - in Slovenia, Albania, Greece and Malta. Italian has many speakers in Africa, particularly in Libya, Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. It also enjoys a strong cultural presence and practice in Egypt and Tunisia. And let's not forget Asia! Not only did the Romans enjoy commercial and cultural exchange with the Chinese two thousand years ago, a later Italian, Marco Polo, would renew Europe's ties with the eastern world in the late Middle Ages. In the western hemisphere, Italian is spoken by millions of immigrants and their descendants in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Here in the New York metropolitan area, there is a formidable and vibrant Italian American community whose cultural-linguistic range and influence can be felt, heard and seen in numerous facets of our diverse cultural mosaic. Italian is presently registering the highest percentage of enrollment increases among New York State LOTE offerings .
    Italian is not hard to learn. Since so many Italian and English words have a common Latin or Greek root, there are thousands of words that are recognizable in sight or sound without the aid of a dictionary. Not only will Italian serve you as a practical, fun and modern world language, it will also open doors to a broader, more sophisticated English vocabulary. Additionally Italian rewards its students with a greater comprehension of language structures and more effective self-expression in their native language. According to a Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language Learning comparative linguistics study, Italian is the closest language to English. Not only is Italian a natural accompaniment to English, it actually enriches one's knowledge and command of the latter. A wonderful tool to acquire an academic vocabulary and higher scores on the PSAT and SAT exams!
    If you are planning to pursue a career in architecture, art, archeology, cuisine, economics, education, fashion, languages, law, music, medicine, the sciences, history, marketing, political science, product design or just about anything else, then Italian is the language for you.
    WPHS Italian Students on Mulberry Street in Manhattan's Little Italy, June 2011